Photo by cottonbro studio:
Photo by cottonbro studio:

Xarelto Monitoring

Common drug used to control/convert Atrial Fibrillation.

Nurses: PT/PTT/INR testing not necessary due to its’ wide therapeutic window. This makes it advantageous compared to Heparin, which has to be monitored consistently via aPTT.

Per LabCorps: “Routine therapeutic monitoring of apixaban level is not required because of the drug’s relatively wide therapeutic index. Despite the use of fixed doses of apixaban, determination of the amount of drug present in a given individual may be valuable in several clinical situations, such as patients who experience bleeding or treatment failure.10,11 Determination of drug concentration may also be needed in patients who require thrombolytic therapy, surgery, or in those who have suffered trauma. It may also be of value in patients with renal insufficiency, advanced age, and low body weight.10,11 Measurement of levels can inform clinicians with concerns regarding patient compliance and adherence to therapy as well as in situations of suspected or known overdose”

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